H6510BD and H5360 "FAN Fail"

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All I did was put new lamps in both...got this on screen message warning  "FAN FAIL lamp will automatically turn off soon."   Is there a way to reset this so can keep lamp on?  Azsun had this post Oct 13,2017  "Bulb exploded so I replaced it. Now unit turns off after about 4 minutes for Fan Fail. The fan runs fine so I do not understand why I get this message. I did not do anything wrong to the unit. Any tips would be very appreciated." that post is closed. So how was it resolved to keep lamp on and get rid of that on screen message?


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    This message is displayed when the projector is Overheated. When the projector has exceeded its recommended operating temperature and must be allowed to cool down before it is used. Please also check the dust filters if they are installed. If the dust filter is clogged with dust, please clean it.

    Under normal conditions, the projector can be switched on again after it has cooled down. If the problem persists, you should con-tact your local dealer or Acer service center.

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    At this point I would consider it a brick. I had the same experience and when I contacted Acer for a fix, the minimum charge to repair is $250. I'll just buy a new projector that is not an Acer.