Predator 15x Issues with Wi-Fi adapter?

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Hey there, thank you for reading my post. I recently purchased the Predator 15x Laptop, following a few recommendations. However, I've started having this strange issue that is almost completely ruining my experience with the laptop. The gaming experience is fantastic, and more than capable of handling any game I throw at it. However, the wi-fi adapter that is included with the laptop is probably the worst experience I have ever seen in any laptop, at even the cheapest prices. I bought a laptop because I'm constantly on the move, switching between wifi sources, whether it be my house, school, a friend's house, or a library. Unfortunately, after turning it on after sleep mode, it takes from 5 to ten minutes for the internet to work at all, even though the settings may say I am connected. In addition, it is very susceptible to extreme ping spikes, for seemingly no reason, and cannot be solved through restarts of the adapter or the computer, and I know that it's not the router because I have sat next to someone playing the same game as I am and I will go up to 500ms while they remain at a steady 25ms. Surely this is not normal, especially for a supposedly high-end gaming hardware, with such a hefty price. I would really appreciate and responses. Thank you! 


  • Hi,
    Have you tried different DNS provider, either OpenDNS or GoogleDNS? If you haven't, give this a try, open Nettwork and sharing centre, click your WiFi, click Properties, highlight IPV 4 and click Properties, and change the DNS address and see whether it fixes the problem.
    In the meantime, please post the laptop model name and the WiFi model name.
    Google address in my snip, OpenDNS: and for secondary:

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    I think it is a AC1535 unit which sucks in most cases. I am thinking of replacing it with an Intel unit soon. I had the same issues with you for a few months after I bought my G9, and the driver that I am using right now is the one in the link below. Newer versions are problematic too. The problems I had were:

    • Not being able to connect after disconnecting
    • High latency after a few minutes
    • Not being able to connect after waking up from sleep
    • Not being able to connect to 2.4 GHz bands at all

    All solved with this one. I am constantly trying newer versions and anything different than this version brings all the problems back.

  • Hi IWearCrocs,
    Could you give me the first ten characters of the laptop serial number? Only the first ten.
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    Hello, guys! Same issue for me. My Internet connection is fine from my FAI's box for all my connected equipments. I have 3 computers at home, and only this one (PH 317-51) is affected by numerous Wi-Fi problems since Windows 10 updated to last Fall Creators Update, some days ago. Weirdly, per example, never Wi-Fi signal becomes noticed by Windows like interrupted: all current launched downloads continue fine, but in another hand it's often totally impossible to display a single Internet page, nowaday if Chrome, Edge or Firefox is used.
    Before Fall Creators Update, all worked fine with this laptop.

    My serial number begins by: NHQ29EF001