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How to connect my PC with Acer iconia B1-A71 Tablet

akrath2013akrath2013 Posts: 1Member

I have download the driver and try to insall in my PC,  but a error message "Please plug the device before you install" display on my screen although I have connected the Tablet to USB port of my computer


  • EleanorEleanor Posts: 3Member

    I also get this error..someone please help??

  • bondroidbondroid Posts: 29Member
    Exactly the same problem with mine
  • EleanorEleanor Posts: 3Member

    Is it a problem with the Acer website download then do you think?

  • megaray99megaray99 Posts: 2Member

    Hi Guys,


       I didn't read the bit about installing software first, so I just went ahead and connected my iconia b1 to my window 7 pc through the USB port. It detected fine.


      So I would recommend you guys try to connect it without installing any software first. Also I kept the b1 unlocked and connected so as soon as I connected I got a notification showing that the b1 is connected in mediatransfer mode, I can click on the notification to change the mode.


      on a side note: the first time when I tried to copy multiple files at the same time to the micro sd card i had inserted, the copying got stuck and when I disconnected the b1, it was stuck and would not unlock. I had to wait overnight for the battery to drain so that it would turn of and I could start it again. After that I was too scared to copy to the microsd card, and I am using without any micro sd card.


      Just wondering whether any one else faced this issue?

  • bondroidbondroid Posts: 29Member
    Update from me, my notebook Acer aspire already recognize my b1, but it only can transfer songs & pictures files.

    I try connected my b1 with Toshiba notebook & Acer aspire one netbook of my friend, and surprisingly my b1 can received any files .any solution guys? Its ridiculous to have b1 that cannot connect to my own notebook...hufff
  • anaana Posts: 1Member

    i need to transfere data from my pc to my acer 1B .. how to do that directly through both devices?

  • bondroidbondroid Posts: 29Member
    Just follow megarayy99 posted previously
  • JinnyJinny Posts: 2Member

    Have been going around in circles trying to get my PC (running Windows 7) and my Iconia B1 Tablet to connect.  megaray99 could you give me an idiots guide to your answer please as I didn't really understand it.  What software are you referring to? Driver?  I have downloaded the driver from Acer but it will not install as it keeps asking me to plug in the B1 despite it being plugged in already.  Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

  • MissappleMissapple Posts: 2Member
    Where are the acer technicians!!!!???? I am having the same exact problem!! I am getting annoyed right now at this brand...i have an acer iconia b1 also n my pc runs on windows xp it will not let me transfer documents to my acer tab...only allows me to transfer music n photos!! I want to transfer my epub books into it! ACER PEOPLE please help!
  • talattalat Posts: 1Member

    how do i download from my computer to my acer tablet

  • strood_johnstrood_john Posts: 1Member

    Hi All


    Having the same problem - PC is running XP 32 bit fully up-to-date with Windows Media Player 11 as suggested by Acer.  Getting the same results as everyone else when loading USB driver from Acer website but tablet is not being seen at all by Windows Explorer or Device Manager.  Have enabled Debugging USB in Developer Options as also mentioned without success and have tried switching to PTP mode but this disappears off the screen before I have time to select it.


    Windows keeps telling me that it has found new hardware but there was an error in the installation.  Have tried installing with and without B1 connected to USB cable - no difference.


    Have raised the point with Acer so looking forward to their reply.  Fingers crossed as I think the B1 will be great value for money when it all works!




    Hi Again

    Have finally mangaged to get the USB connection working as follows

    Having installed the driver, I powered up and connected B1 USB cable to computer

    Figured out how to get keep USB computer connection screen permanently displayed by dragging down from very top of screen to way past end of list of notifications.

    Tapped "Connect as media device" which then give MTP and PTP options - selected PTP - this brought up usual "Device not installed properly" Windows message and Welcom to Hardware Update screen

    Selected top option "Yes this time only" and Windows successfully installed device as PTP

    On B1, tapped MPT option and again the "Device not installed properly" message occurred and also Welcome to Hardware Update screen.

    As before, selected top option "Yes, this time only" and let this run - for some unknown reason, I had to do this twice before MTP mode was successfully installed.

    Closed everything down and rebooted PD and B1, went to Device Manager on PC and saw Acer Phone on list and B1-A71 under Portable Devices with no yellow exclamation marks.

    Checked Windows Explorer and found B1-A71 as device under My Computer showing Internal and External SD folders

    Tried downloading photo from B1 to PC - worked fine.

    Tried downloading file from PC to B1 - again, worked fine.

    So I guess, I'm sorted - hope this helped but it was not the simple installation I hoped it would be.


  • matteo47matteo47 Posts: 1Member

    i would like to know as well

  • amironeamirone Posts: 1Member
  • LeshnaDookhunLeshnaDookhun Posts: 1Member

    i cannot manage my tablet 

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