Black Screen AZ3 605 all in one.

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Been using the computer for a few years. Had a problem booting so I got recovery discs from acer. 

I did did the recovery which was windows 8. Then did the upgrade to windows 10 during one of the reboots went to black screen. Based on what I have seen here bios needs to be flashed.

Please advise where to find the file to do a blinds flash and I would be grateful if anyone can offer guidance.


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    You can check the drivers and bios here:
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    If BIOS is not the root cause, clean boot might help:

    1. Try going into Safe mode and see if your explorer opens up.

    2. Try doing a clean boot if the explorer opens in safe mode

    3. Come back to your normal Windows and see if that fixes the problem.

    4. If that fixes the problem, do a system restore man.

    Lemme know (y)


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