Which edition of windows 8.1 was installed when I bought my laptop

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Dear Acer team,
I want to know the which edition of windows 8.1 was installed on my laptop when I bought it. I formatted my laptop accidentally, fortunately I have Product ID and Installed Key of that windows. But I don't know which edition was for that key. I asked in Microsoft discussion forum about that problem but they told me to ask manufacturer. Please help me to know it so that I will be able to use the genuine windows again.

Acer E1-510 V0.07
System Serial Number: **************

Board: Acer E1-510 Type2 - A01 Board Version
Serial Number: ************
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
UEFI: Insyde Corp. V2.05 12/25/2013

 Thanks in advance.

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    It's Windows 8.1 64bit, try using the product key, it may recognise the product key from BIOS without your input.
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    i just tried to reinstall my laptop using windows 8.1. it asked me the serial number.
    hopefully i already had a copy of it.
    But the media i created to restore my system is dead so i used an official  microsoft windows 8 dvd to reinstall. that's impossible. what can i dO?
    Each time that asks for me for the key, so i used  a temporary key, but i have now 30 days left to activate.
    what can i do , and how?

    thank you

    thank you