My Apologies, but I didn't know where to put this. WiFi problems on Acer Aspire 3.

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I bought this Acer Aspire A315 laptop yesterday as it was on sale for a good price from Argos. 

I cannot get a decent signal more than 5 foot from the router.

I am currently using my previous laptop, which is right next to the Acer. This laptop a 7 year-old Toshiba has full signal, the Acer has bare minimum, and if I move it back 8 inches on to my lap, the signal goes completely. It's no good for streaming or doing anything online. I've looked on the internet and this has been a recurring problem for some people. Is it easily fixable or am I taking it back?


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    Acer laptops are known for having bad Wifi sensing capabilities.But in your case it seems to be too bad you may try reinstalling the right drivers from acer support website,which might work for you.

    Hope that helped you.