Anyone still having the same issue with the left hinge? Acer aspire v5-571P-6631



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    Acer aspire v5-571P-6631 hinges. The left one. I have taken care of my device as a baby and I was surprised when suddenly I started hearing a clicking sound while opening the laptop. I checked it around and found the bottom left of the screen is having a little gap and that plastic cover was getting peeled by the body while opening the lid. The structure should have been more sturdy given it is a mobile device and it was intended to be open and closed million times throughout its life. Now it just stays on my desk and I am afraid of closing it as it might break the screen and I will not be able to use it anymore.
    Acer, can you at least supply some hinges at a discounted price and a how-to video? because I don't want to pay $100 just for getting it checked and later fix it with an even higher price tag.
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    Other users have had luck rebuilding the hinge. Apparently the hinge pivot is a screw/nut combo that tightens a bit each time you open and close the laptop. If you retension that appropriately and use a little Loctite to keep it from moving it pretty much solves the problem. If your screws have already pulled out of the case then you want to rebuild their mounts with something like an epoxy or JB Weld.
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    Hi, I bought an acer A315-54-54AA laptop last year, and 1 month after the warranty ended, the left hinge started to come out a little. It seems like it will break soon. I also started to hear a weird sound everytime i opened it. There was gap between the screen and frame of the screen. I have to push the hinge inside everytime after closing it. The third-party I took extended warranty from, says they wont cover hinges. I took good care of my laptop, but I never imagined that something like this would happen.
    Can anyone please help me with this.
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