Aspire 5742G drivers for Windows 10 64 bits?

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Hi guys, I want to switch from Windows 7 32 bits to Windows 10 64bits and add 8Gb RAM, but can't find any specific Acer drivers for my gear in order to support the new OS, isn't that a problem? All I can find are the Windows 7/64bits drivers. My gear is I3, 3 Gb Ram, video Nvidia with 1Gb memory.

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  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,413 Trailblazer
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    i think most of the needed drivers will be installed/downloaded automatically by windows updates, so don't worry to much, in the worst case a quick google search on specific hardwareID will solve your issue.

    i can strongly suggest you to update BIOS to the latest version before installing windows 10.
    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • TibiTibi Member Posts: 4 New User
    Tyvm for responding. Have news, clean fresh install won't work, loads about 50% of the files and crashes, tried both versions, 32 and 64 bits :( Now I'm reinstalling win7 then I'll try upgrading to win 10, that will probably work on 32 bits. Better than nothing, although I was hoping to succeed installing win10 on 64bits from scratch, for the memory capabilities, for which reason I formated the hdd entirely, thus ending up reinstalling win7.. As for the bios, I recently updated it to the last available version, so any surprises from that direction aren't expected.
  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,413 Trailblazer
    If you added ram recently, please be sure it's not a ram issue.
    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • TibiTibi Member Posts: 4 New User
    OK, after reinstalling the win7/32bits with all those neverending hundreds of updates, win10/32bits finaly installed also (took about 21 hours! having a 100Mb/sec broadband connection doesn't mean squat when their upload from Microsoft is soo cheap, so small...). Now I have to figure out if the i3 M330 supports win10/64. Funny thing is I have a bootable win10 stick with both versions on it, it should make it easier to switch/upgrade to the 64bits version, but really doesn't. More to research.
  • TibiTibi Member Posts: 4 New User
    Finally! So... Windows 10/64 on Aspire 5742G, I3 330M @ 2,13GHz, 3Gb/1066MHz RAM, video Nvidia 420M/1Gb RAM. Getting there is a real drag. Only path is (in my case) Win7/32-Win10/32-Win10/64. First step was an upgrade of Win7/32 to Win10/32, second step was new direct install over the primary partition already occupied by Win10/32, no formatting or deleting the partition. Worst trouble were the corrupted files on the Win10 bootable stick I bought, but only the part with the 64bits version, kinda got me worried that the gear won't support that version, but that wasn't it. Final attempt, I downloaded an ISO version of Win10/64 and burned it on a normal DVD, and already having the key which came with the bootable stick, the rest is history mentioned above. Main thing, besides uncorrupted files, I think it is installing the 64bits version of Win 10 directly over the 32bits version, already and mandatory installed. Hope this will help other people having similar trouble with the Win10/64 installation. Bit of a handfull, but well worth it. Soon as I'll top the RAM to max (8Gb), I'll be able to say I've got myself a new system. It's worth it already with those measily 3Gb... :)
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