Travelmate B117 series

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My lappy broke its ribbon. I used it for 1 yr and 5 months now. If i will go to the service center, how long would it take to repair? Thanks. Or is it advisible to fix it with a glue? 


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    It really depends what you mean by BROKE ITS RIBBON, 

    Broke the plastic connector that holds the ribbon to motherboard? 

    This was a problem I had, I pulled the ribbon to disconnect from the motherboard and the top plastic piece came off, I use a needle nose plier to pull out the bottom piece, luckily I was able to place the bottom piece back into the ribbon then place the top piece back on top of the ribbon to lock it in place...Now it is safe there without any glue, but of course if you need to remove the ribbon once again then I'D recommend CRAZY GLUE or whatever GLUE that works for you....OR..Go to any local used Computer shop and get yourself a new RiBBON!
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    Is it possible to set up a bigger hard drive in my laptop (TravelMate B117-M) with the recovery disk I made from the original hard drive?
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    Is it possible to upgrade the RAM?   4GB is not enough.   (TravelMate B117-M)