Nitro 5 (AN515-51-76SX) USB-C to HDMI Not Working, 2nd Display connection

SujithNairSujithNair Member Posts: 2 New User

I tried two very well rated (on Amazon) USB to HDMI adapters and both do not work. The display says "no signal detected". Have any of guys got this to work on this laptop series? If yes, please help.

Else, how would you recommend connecting a second display?


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  • SujithNairSujithNair Member Posts: 2 New User

    Tech support says USB C is only half implemented in that power delivery and alternate mode (Sideband carrier) are not implemented. So its only a half baked USB C specification and hence Type-C to HDMI will not work.

  • varjuakos1varjuakos1 Member Posts: 3 New User
    Do you think either of this setup could work?

    1. Chain setup:
    I plug a cable into Nitro 5 which is Usb-C 3.1 to Display-port 1.2.    DP 1.2- DP 1.2 cable into Dell U2415 monitor. The U2415 has an DP Out (MST output).
    Cable from DP Out to the second monitor which has HDMI. (VGA and DVI also). Both monitors plugged into AC 220V.

    2. Paralel setup:
    Usb-C 3.1 to Display-port 1.2 cable to U2415.  Second cable from Hdmi to Hdmi for second monitor.

    Want to use this setup to extend desktop for 3D modelling work. So not mirroring the screenes.

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