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Hi Acer and to the community,

I just want to share my very very bad experience with your product. I purchased an Acer e5 575G 33QB. Within 7 days, an intermittent sudden shut down has showed up. I took it to the shop and they refuse to replace it within 7 days term because they can't verify the issue even though I have to drive 3 hours to the shop and advise them that the issue is intermittent. Eventually, I forced them to replace my laptop. And guess what, they replaced it with a non-sealed unit. They said that the reason it was not sealed was because they had to check if there are any shipping defects on the item. And as they are telling up a story, I can see the other staffs, wrapping another Acer e5 575G laptop for display. The replacement they provided me seems to have come from the display models. And guess what, the laptop they have replaced it with is observing the same issue as well.

Learn from this and never get Acer laptops. Go for other brands and never settle for less. Never going to get Acer laptops again and will definitely advise all my subscribers not to support acer laptops.