FX8640-17c HDD Replacement Issues

JMacDonald Member Posts: 1
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The hard drive on my Gateway recently failed and I replaced it with 2 x 2TB SATA hard drives. I have had 2 issues with this...

1) When I select in the BIOS to create a RAID0 partition the BIOS will only give me around 1.4TB of space instead of the 4TB I was expecting. The BIOS does show each HDD I installed as having only 700GB of space each so that makes sense. I need to understand how to get the BIOS to recognize a 2 x 2TB RAID0 setup. Any suggestions are appreciated.

2) When I use my Gateway recovery disks to set the computer back to factory start the installation goes fine until Windows Setup begins starting services for the first time. When Windows tries this part way through the install I get a message box that says "Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this, restart the installation. I have tried starting Windows in Safe Mode (as well as the different variants on the Safe Mode screen) but had the same result. Since I don't have a Windows7 product key I can't go to Microsoft to get a pristine Windows7 install ISO to try that instead of the recovery disks. Any next steps you can advise would be appreciated as well.