E5-571-35ZG Aspire Solution for WI-FI problem

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Hi all, I started this post to try being helpful for anyone who has a similar Acer laptop and having problems with WI-FI.

I found a temporary, maybe not quite efficient solution, but that can come handy to people with this problem.

My WI-FI wasn't running after some restart, totally disappearing from the device manager and even from the options, tried really several solutions I read from other forums or videos, but none of them ever worked.


Then I tried to make a pressure on the zone right up above the WI-FI adapter (which is around the Alt, left end of Space Bar) from the moment the PC started until the windows loading screen appears.

Sometimes happens not to work, maybe it needs a different kind of pressure or spot, but from my experience most of times it works and the WI-FI has no problem, no disconnections until the PC is shut down or rebooted.

I think this is not related to any software problem or setting, just a phisical malfunctioning. I advice who has a similar problem to be very sure the cause of the problem is the hardware, and try other solutions first (like updating drivers from Acer website, or follow other tutorials)

I hope this helped someone, I don't know if it can present long term problems related to, and surely a better fix is better and less annoying, but I'm using this method from 1 year and still working almost every time.

(I have an Acer Aspire E5-571-35ZG, running Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit))

I re-edited this topic from an answer I have given to an old post on this forum, and decided to write a new topic to help people who is still having this problem.


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    Thank you. Often simple solutions like yours or re-seating adapter & cable connectors to and from the mainboard will resolve issues like this. Jack E/NJ 

    Jack E/NJ

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    My wifi isn't connecting at Starbucks--It shows Im connected but its not connecting..Iconia8 tablet-----The tablet works fine when im at home though......Makes sense? My friend next to me is connected here at Starbucks....Helpppp!!!
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    Thanks for sharing.

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