Acer Jade Primo as a good Note taker doodle pad.

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 Yes I have been down on Acer ( however that is for lack of support ), it may not show but I do use my device, and I even use it in a way even Acer did not intend.

 I should state from the start, if your a graphic artist, digital artist or into fine detail drawing this is not for you!!! 


 If you just need a quick and dirty sketch or hand written note like me, the phone can be better and cheaper in the long run than any Galaxy Note. Yes I heard you laugh already, however I have put the work in already and tested the heck out of it, and it works.........


 Windows 10 for Phone does not have Ink available, the code is there, but it was never turned on for Mobile, and from the way things look now, it never will be. So what I do is the next best thing, a Capacitive Fine Tip Stylus.

 Not the fat mush tip of the $5 Stylus. A battery powered Stylus that provides the tip with a small static charge that like your finger the phone screen picks up. It feels like a Pen, and I find it is better then finger use or mush tip stylus use.

 I use an Adonit Jot Script, it's a high cost item when not on sale ( should be low cost now that it is no longer made by Adonit), however there are other price levels of "Capacitive" Stylus available. Mostly they are made for iOS and Android but they do work with Windows Phones.


 The Phones I have tested with are as follows....Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 650 ( both 720 Rez Screen and 650 had better use as higher quality screen over 640), Lumia 950 XL and my Acer Jade Primo ( both being best use case as screen quality higher also screen rez 1080 and above).

 The Acer has been by far the most comfortable in hand for quick notes in my findings.


 Now I wish I had neater hand writing, and more artistic ability but this will have to do as example of what you can do.......wp_ss_20171009_0001.pngwp_ss_20171009_0003.pngwp_ss_20171009_0004.png


As you can see I do not use One Note, as on tablet One Note has awesome Ink support, on Phone I use Notebook Pro V 2.0 ( free version), there is a paid version available with many more features!! Pro Tip if you use Notebook Pro, you willneed to hide the on screen keys during Notebookand Page creation, as it hides the app buttons for Create and Save.


 There are more apps in the Store for Phone like Squid, Sketch + more Notebook Pro V 2.0 and Squid being UWP apps available on tablet and PC also. Both with access to One Drive natively. 


 Adonit has released a new Stylus made for Windows and I have not yet looked into it, as it seems to be made for Pen enabled devices like NTrig and Wacom. Tablets with a Pen Digitizer built in.


 If you are interested in a Stylus for your Acer, make sure it is Capacitive and can be used by iOS devices as iPhone and iPad do not have Pen Digitizers built in.


 I will get a video up on Youtube when I get some time to better show how well the Acer works with a Stylus!!!