Acer Aspire R14 Broken Windows 10 Video Driver

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A neighbor has an Acer Aspire R14 R5-471T portable PC running Windows 10 Home (out of warranty). The Acer video display device is an Intel HD 520.


Since the latest 2017-09 MS updates the Acer comes out of sleep with a scrambled display screen (long evenly spaced vertical bars). Rebooting the Acer yields a good video display.


I installed the display driver from the Acer support site (June 2017 version?) and after coming out of Sleep the video display works properly. But very shortly after this Windows Update downloads and installs an updated video driver and the Sleep video problem reoccurs. I am unable to stop the Windows video driver update.


I found a newer Intel HD 520 video driver on the Intel support site, but it will not install unless I first uninstall the Acer video driver. I can’t find a way to uninstall that driver.


I finally used This Computer, Manage, Device Manager, Display adapters, and disabled the HD 520 video device.  Windows dropped back to a basic Windows video device, and also disabled Sleep. The PC now goes into Hibernation and wakes from Hibernation with no problems. So, problem temporarily solved. But …


How do I resolve the broken Intel HD 520 video driver issue?