NVIDIA board on travelmate 5742

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it seems to me that my laptop travelmate 5742 is not installed with the NVIDIA board as i can only see the one by intel on the acer suport page i saw a bios update like this:Adds VBIOS and optimus function for nVidia N12P-GV3 and remove VBIOS of Capilano [...] so the the question is:who is in error here?



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    if the laptop model is just 5742 and not 5742G, it has only the integrated Intel GPU.

    I'm not an Acer employee.
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    My Travelmate is pretty much a disappointment to me I bought it a few weeks ago, No NVIDIA, No IDT and No RealTek HD Audio for Stereo Mix.... Conexant High Definition Audio is what I get and it does not Allow Stereo Mix..TravelMate is Limited!