how to erase all data in laptop?



I am planning to sell my Acer laptop so I would like to erae all the data I have in that computer so it goes back to factory setting? Can you recommned what software to do this or what to do to erase all data in the laptop? I am running on windows 10. thanks.

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  • dougcdougc Member Posts: 82 Troubleshooter

    win10 > settings>update&security>recovery> Reset this PC > get started >remove everything> remove my files ......  Schedule close to 3hrs. for it to process.


    I've used this for my past 3 units of F5-573G-58XS previous to returning for refund/exchange.  


    And don't panic sometimes it gets hungup ....  

    ex. i just did a "start fresh" on unit 4  and it got hung up at 3%, 'downloading a (pristine) copy of Win10'   but i figured there was internet collapse somewheres in the USoA due to H'harvey !? A couple hrs. later i fd it HAD moved along   Smiley Happy


    Oh there IS a alternate to "remove my files",   which implies it will clean eeeeverything off but I stay away from that as I want the factory Win10 install to remain (with  the "remove my files" option).



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    Delete all your stuff manually, and look for any simple file erasing/drive wiping software.


    Piriform CCleaner may help.  Also consider wiping all free space as well.


    Then do a Factory Fresh Install to wipe everything off and stop it at the point of Creating a user.

    Let the new owner do this, why? cuz it shows you bothered and of course it has overwritten the old data areas.


    The above method may not stop a determined person in recovering data, but after 3 or 7 passes with something like Ccleaner it would be nigh on impossible to piece together any fragments.

    The 35 passes, maybe allocate a weekend.


    If in doubt please ask.



  • AverageAverage Member Posts: 1 New User
    edited August 2020
    Hi there!

    I seem to be having some trouble and would really like some help! I’m young and know little to nothing about computers, my windows 10 has been acting up for forever and my friend suggested resetting it.

    However, every time I try to it always says I don’t have enough space freed up on my disk. The problem lies in the fact that I’ve done everything I could think of to free up space already.

    Ive deleted all my files, deleted everything I could off my disk space, emptied my recycling, deleted all my applications, and it just won’t  let me reset.

    Im very confused, if anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it a ton. Thanks for your time!
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