Gateway FX6860 Video Card Replacement and/or BIOS update

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Gateway FX6860 Video Card Replacement

There was a previous post that went unanswered about:

"Looking for standard BIOS for Gateway FX6860 Sandy Bridge. (Only Ivy is available for download)"


I believe I have the same problem.


I have tried 2 different video cards to replace the stock HD7770.  Both Nvidia and XFX(Radeon) tech support say their cards will work but once installed PC won't boot.


PC is FX6860-ur10p. There are no BIOS options for video/peripheral slots. I figured a BIOS update would work but the "latest" update is the one I already have which came with the PCwhen new.


I reset the CMOS, flashed the BIOS with the "latest" BIOS anyway.  Still will not boot with current purchase (XFX - Radeon RX-560). Will boot fine with an old ATI XT1600.


It seems my only option is to purchase a used HD7770 that originally came with the PC. I wouldn't mind so much if new ones were available but they are not.


Thanks for any help.