i need to reset my laptop Bios

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Hi Guys in My Laptop i recently got a password in side of my bios .. donno why or how .

ineed to reset it because ican't even go into boot menu i have windows 7 installed allready and ihave full access to it but i wanna to change my windows version so please guys i need the answer how can i reset the password ?? .


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    Who makes your My Laptop?

    What Model and Type is it?


    Resetting an unknown password in a BIOS is not going to be easy, is it the Supervisor Password or the User Password or the HDD Password or what?



  • HaTRiCK12
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    Laptop : Acer

    TravelMate 5744

    Model Name: TM5744

    Reference: NX.V5MEM.018


    Bios Password .. when i tried to go into Bios Setup By click on F2 Asks For Password 

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    Hello, have you tried to remove the CMOS battery of the bios?