Predator Sense Macro Issue

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I just purchased my Laptop and i am having issues w/ Predator Sense.



- When i create Macros on Different profiles (blue or green) it requires that Predator sense stay open in order for my macros to work. 

- When predator sense is NOT opened, and i press the keys from blue or green profiles, it messes up my keyboard. Like when i select an icon after words, its right-clicking the icon. I press ctrl+alt+dlt to make it go back to normal. It also duplicates icons when i double click on one. after attempting a customized macro key from green or blue profiles. But when Predator sense is opened, they work. RED works like a charm w/ its default keys w/o predator sense opened. 



- Create macros to open games. What i did is set a short cut key from game icons and set those instructions on my macros. they only work when predator sense is open. 



- i already re-installed predator sense hoping that would fix my issue. 


Any ideas? 

it would be cool to set keys on blue or green profile to simply open specific games that is my goal. 




- Wessens

- Predator 17 GTX 1070


  • wessens
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    Issue: (Add)

    - I also want to add, that the macros i customized to open certain games on blue or green profiles, only works when Predator Sense is open and UP on my screen. if it is minimized, once i click a macro key, it inverts my mouse to right click on anything i click on. and also just blinks its light from the macro key when pressed. 


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    Hi, i had the same issue, and i found the problem : "nvidia gforce experience" !!! Uninstall it and macros will work even if nothing is opened on desktop.