Looking for BIOS updates for Aspire One ZG5

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Nothing major. My battery refuses to charge (and he replacement doesn't charge either so....)


Seems the best advice on the ZG5 is to flash the BIOS but I can't find a BIOS update on this site - or I'm blind.


Any help would be appreciated


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    Have you measured the charger's voltage output yet? Jack E/NJ

    Jack E/NJ
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    Yes - I also bought a second charger - no joy




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    OK. Try this link http://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers . Enter aoa110 for the model. Click on BIOS. Then try to recover that BIOS version. If you can't recover it via the OS, then try the Fn+Esc USB stick method by renaming the ROM file in the extracted DOS subdirectory to JAL90x64.fd  . It should be the only BIOS file in the USB root directory.   Jack E/NJ 

    Jack E/NJ
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    the correct filename is zg5ia32.fd

    the process is the following:

    Create a recovery USB drive to update the Bios on the unit.

    The specific steps to perform this recovery with the USB drive are:

    1.    Download & Extract BIOS_Acer_3310_A_AOA110 & AOA150
    (found in  https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/support-product/60?b=1)

    2.    Rename the Bios name from 3310.fd to zg5ia32.fd

    3.    Copy zg5ia32.fd and Flashit.exe to USB flash drive.

    4.    Start the restoration process:

    §  A. Plug the AC Adapter into the unit.

    §  B. Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port.

    §  C. Press and Hold down the Fn and the Esc keys together.

    §  D. Keep these keys held down and press power.

    §  E. When the unit’s power light comes on release the Fn and Esc keys.

    §  F. After the keys have been released the power light will start to blink.

    §  G. Let the unit run and after approximately 1 to 7 minutes, the unit should reboot.

    §  H. Video should now be restored.

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    ...oops, sorry, the target of the url is still the broken one, try this: