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Broken charging port

We have an Iconia tab a500 and the power adaptor no longer connects. It feels as if something is loose I'm the socket when trying to connect the cable. It is definitely out of warranty, but I don't want to just throw it away. Does anyone know how we can send it in for repairs? We had to send it in when we first got it because of a broken power switch and were very happy with the service, but now I can't talk to anyone to even try to pay for repairs.



  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    Please send me a private message with your name and telephone number, and I will have someone contact you regarding this.

  • BillTBillT Posts: 2Member

    I have the same problem with the charge receptacle on my A500.  The tablet has been dropped from my bed onto the carpet a few times while plugged in.  Apparently, it has fallen directly onto the side where it was plugged in more than once.  This has caused the plastic in the area around the metal charging port to chip and cave in.  Now the metal receptacle moves rather freely inside the case and the plug has to be positioned just right to get the tablet to charge.  Most of the time, instead of an orange charging indicator on the power switch, I see a blinking pale purple indicator on the power switch.  I have to unplug and plug the power cord in several times before it will show a steady orange indicator.  Even though the battery icon in the notification area shows that the unit is plugged in, when the purple light is flashing the battery is discharging.  My unit is covered under an extended warranty that I purchased from Wal-Mart when I got my tablet.    My question is, can the charging port and the chipped, caved-in plastic on the case be repaired or replaced or will the entire tablet have to be replaced.  Of course, if it has to be replaced, I certainly wouldn't turn down the latest and greatest 10" tablet.  My problem is that I have no idea how to backup my browser bookmarks, photos, or programs to the external sdcard.  One more item is in regards to the docking station as a charging platform.  The description at the Acer online store is not real clear, but it sounds as if the power cord plugs into the docking station and the tablet charges through the 40-pin connector.  Is this correct?  If so, then I could use the docking station to charge instead of sending the tablet in for repair.


    I apologize for the number of questions in one post, but I could not see making a single post for each question as each question relates to a single problem.  I'd be more than happy to send a private message and have a technician call me.  Thank you.

  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    Please send me a private message with your contact information, and I will have a technician contact you.


  • canadamoecanadamoe Posts: 1Member

    We have a bent wore in the charging port....    what are our options.    iconia a110



  • billseybillsey Posts: 3,788ACE Pathfinder

    Not many when that center wire is bent over to the side. You *might* be able to bent it back, but you also m8ght break it off if it's too weakened. If you can't get it to recenter you are looking at a motherboard replacement.

  • SSammSSamm Posts: 1Member

    My charging port is broken on my A700. Wont charge at all anymore. Please help. Want to get it repaired ASAP.



  • billseybillsey Posts: 3,788ACE Pathfinder

    Likely your best bet will be to contact Acer to get a repair. If that turns out to be too expensive you might try a local service technician, since you won't be any worse off if they totally screw it up. :-)

  • fgriiifgriii Posts: 1Member


    I have and Acer Iconia A200, and it seems like I have a bad charging port. I need some information on getting the tablet repaired.


    Fred Ripka

  • aapicellaaapicella Posts: 1Member

    I have an Acer Iconia Tab A200 that is very good, but the power connector is loose and it doesn't always charge when the plug is in.  Lately its been harder to charge.  I have to put it in and press up or down to make a good contact.


    This seems similar to what others have said.  I love the Tablet and would like to keep it if possible but I need advice on how to get this fixed and about what to expect of the cost.


    Thanks Much.

  • heavenlybodiesheavenlybodies Posts: 1Member

    need my acer tablet charging port repaired. i want to do it myself. i need directions

  • roadwarrior796roadwarrior796 Posts: 273Member

    Difficult to help more as you have not said which model of tablet you have, if you were to "google",  *repair the charging port of the Acer* ( and insert your tablet model ) you will find a wealth of information and some helpful Youtube videos on teardowns and repairs.

  • RowdyKrowRowdyKrow Posts: 2Member

    Yes, I too wish to report that I seem to have a broken charger port.


    It was never very reliable, i.e. I would always have to wedge the plug cord under the tablet to get full and complete connection so that it would charge. Same as when I was transferring files to PC, I would need to hold the cable in a certain way while the files transferred, and when I let go of the cord, the tablet would disconnect.


    However, now, no matter which angle I hold it at, I just can not get a consistent connection.


    What should I do?


    Thanks in advance.


  • roadwarrior796roadwarrior796 Posts: 273Member

    Normally the charging ports are held in place with little blobs of solder and can, easily, become loose. This can be fixed by opening the tablet and re soldering, however, it's not something to be undertaken lightly, it is beyond the expertise of the majority of tablet users and best left to Acer or your local, friendly tablet/PC shop. Goes without saying that, if the device is still under warranty it should be returned to Acer for repair.

  • yorkshire16601yorkshire16601 Posts: 1Member

    I also have the same issue with the the usb not staying the port. I am very upset as I sent it back for repair under warranty and they will not fix it and want to charge me 149.00 to do so. This seems to be a problem with your tablets and I am not happy. I will not ever buy another acer product and I will make sure that I give you as many bad reviews as I can until the problem is resolved. Your company sucks for not honoring the warranty. My tablet has never been dropped or abused in any way. It is carried in a padded container when taken anywhere.

  • Acer-BlaynAcer-Blayn Posts: 2,326Moderator Seasoned Practitioner

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing. Acer does honor warranty on products that covers defects in materials and workmanship. As the warranty does not cover physical damages to the product, charges are applied to cover the cost of the repair. I understand you state the tablet has not been dropped or abused, so I am reviewing your repair case to see how we can best assist you.

  • batredsbatreds Posts: 1Member

    I have an acer b1 710  and  some pushed my tablet of a desk and facedown cracking the screen and damaging the charging port because thatsmwere the most cracks are and where the books landed on it. The charging port isvery wiggly so I have to position the charger cord just right and I don't want to keep doing this just in case it breaks even worse what should I do? Really want to fix this,soon.

  • gkaardalgkaardal Posts: 3Member

    I am now having the same problems with my iconia A700, it seems that the power jack is loose and will not charge the unit, is there anyway around this problem or do I have to take it to a techie>

  • billseybillsey Posts: 3,788ACE Pathfinder

    The biggest problem, other than loss of its function, with a bent or broken power port is that it is soldered to the motherboard. That means for most technicians it requires a motherboard replacement to repair. Some very accomplished technicians will have the skills to unsolder the old one and solder in a replacement, but even those will find it tough to find the new connector itself. Plan on a fairly expensive repair, likely well over the $100 range. Smiley Sad

  • JlcboneyardJlcboneyard Posts: 1Member
    I have an acer a200 with a bad charging port. It feels very loose and you have to push it in hard and hold in place and wiggle it to get it to maybe connect. I know it's soldered to the mother board but can it be replaced
  • gkaardalgkaardal Posts: 3Member

    I also thought it was a broken charging port..but after checking out my data transfer cord, which also works in the same port, i found out it was the actual charging cord/adapter.

  • billseybillsey Posts: 3,788ACE Pathfinder

    Yeah, the cords go more often than the port does. They get flexed quite often and the wires inside the cord are really pretty small. It's easiest in those situations to just replace the supply, since it's a hassle to find the right connector and solder it to those tiny wires.

  • dtaylor315dtaylor315 Posts: 1Member

    I have this same issue with an Iconia 500 Tab...what do I do to get it repaired rather than buying a new tablet?





  • gkaardalgkaardal Posts: 3Member

    This will depend upon a few things, is it more expensive to replace the Tablet or the port on your present tab.  Also, I found that the charging system for our Tablet is not the most effective, I am now on my third charger!  Because ACER only uses this unique charger for the port it has caused a weaking of the port, placing it on the bottom also is in the way when or if you are plugged in and working on it, causing the charger point to be hit/moved/or bent, making your charger unservisable again.  A poor placement....I have noticed that newer ACERs use a univeral plug and is on the side where it should be on ours Smiley Sad

    Good luck.

  • lap1026lap1026 Posts: 2Member

    After reading your issue with the Acer warranty, I'm worried.  I am having the same problem and am about to send my tablet to the Acer repair center.  As it is it's going to cost me quite a bit to ship it by UPS or FEDEX with insurance.  BTW,  Why won't Acer refund the shipping cost when they find the problem is theirs!  Plus I have to buy a new box (mine is somewhere in the house but I can't find it right now) plus shipping supplies to make sure nothing hurts the tablet in transit.  I don't want to send it there and have ACER tell me they won't cover the warranty because like you, I treat it with kid gloves just knowing how easily they break!  I'm certain the problem has not been caused by me.  The charging problem started several months ago and now I never know if it's stopped charging when I actually get it to begin charging.  When the charging cable is plugged in it wiggles.  It doesn't have a solid connection.  I assumed it was the cable but Acer rep said it's the port.  How could it be MY fault if it's been slowly getting worse?  They better not screw me!


    I'm so sorry this has happened to you.  It's just not right!  I hope when they review your case, they do what's right.  If not, then they are not ethical or trust worthy enough to buy their products.



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