Creators Update destroys settings and network

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Creators Update wasted most of my day. It has removed all my printer drivers. It has removed some of my software licences, and I have to re-register. (Microsoft has no right in the universe to interfere like that) I probably have not found all the programs I have yet that need to be re-registered.

The REAL Control Panel has been removed from start > right-click > and is the windows 10 settings, I have not found a way to get that back


However, can we focus on the one main problem, External devices not being able to connect to the network below. The others are not so life altering.

I have literally spent hours on this. I cannot have my external devices access the chosen drives and directories via network, either wifi or with network cable. I have changed all the settings that I remember having to the ones that accessed before and still it is dead. That is

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Centre\Advanced sharing settings

Network discovery
Turn on automatic setup of netwirk-connected devices

File and printer sharing
Turn on file and printer sharing

Homegroup connections
Allow windows to manage homegroup connections

Network Discovery
Turn on network discovery

File and printer sharing
Turn on file and printer sharing

All Networks
Public Folder Sharing
Turn ON sharing so that anyone......
Use 128 bit encryption encryption (tried both settings - no joy from either)

Turn off password-protected sharing

Another forum suggested rolling back, but I can't see the point of having a nice new shiny up to date computer that has had nothing but windows 10 on it and has been painstakingly cared for to keep the system tidy.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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