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Hi All,


My first post! I have a question/issue I'm hoping to get some insight on. I have an Acer Aspire One 722; like most I use the WiFi connection for internet access.

However, I have noticed that my connection speed is about 50% of the other laptops tested in/on my WiFi. And it's sort of bugging me why?

My Acer registers between 38Mbps-45Mbps on numbers are with the Qualcomm "n" card in my Acer. I am about 5-6 feet away from router, in direct line. I also have done all the "tricks" to the Acer to improve speed. (DNS flush, optimized device settings, etc.)

The other laptops register around 80Mbps. The "testing conditions are all identical. The ISP is Xfinity, rated speed is 75Mbps, I'm using my own Motorola SB6183 modem, with a Netgear WR3700v3 dual band router. The other laptops are all running 802.11n cards as well.

The only other change was this morning; thinking it was the WiFi card in my Acer, I switched to a Broadcom card I had. I still pulled the same connection speeds (40-45 Mbps). But, now I have Bluetooth capability too! Bonus I guess!

So, has anyone else had this issue? What speeds do you get on the same models? I'm simply beginning to think that this is a "power issue" of netbooks, or a processor issue? I simply don't know, but it is starting to bug me why.

Any insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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    There are now half mini PCIe WiFi 6 and 6e cards available.

    I put one in a Dell laptop and speed jumped greatly. It also helps to have WiFi 6 router with these cards.

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    replace the wifi card or update the driver

    you can use the LAN cable instead for faster speeds

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