Touchpad stopped working all of a sudden

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I am running E5-411 Laptop on Windows 10 Home 64-bit with a BIOS version of Insyde Corp v1.08. I have been using Windows 10 for a while now and suddenly my touchpad stopped working. I have tried updating the driver in the Device Manager but still not working.


The only entry that can be found under Mice and other pointing devices is HID-compliant mouse. I cant find which driver I am using. I check the mouse properties in the Settings and there is no ELAN tab or something like that. So I tried downloading the touchpad driver from the Acer Support page which is ELANTECH and restarted my computer hoping to fix the situation but it did not. 


When I disabled the HID-compliant mouse entry on the Device Manager, the keyboard stopped working as well so I had to restart my laptop in order for both to work again. Btw, the CD drive has stopped working as well and the keyboard. I fixed the keyboard not working after login by uninstalling the driver then restarting the computer. I would be thankful for any help you can give in this time of need.


Edit: I have been using a USB mouse to navigate. Whenever I unplug the USB mouse, the cursor disappears and the Mice and other pointing devices in Device Manage disappears as well

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