Factory restore Extensa 5620

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Hi There


I have had nothing but trouble with my Extensa 5620 ever since upgrading from XP to 8.1 and then to 10. I decided to facory restore it (using discs) and then all was progressing well with the eRecovery process until I inserted the Backup Disc 1. I then got the following error message 


Err: callZ:\Patch\Patch.bat,dwErr=3 (thankfully I took a photo!).


After clicking ok, the eRecovery screen is now stuck on 'Please wait a moment while copying files'.


Can someone please tell me what the error message means and how I can continue with the factory restore and overcome this problem?


Extensa 5620

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU

T8300 @ 2.40Ghz

2.39Ghz  3GB Ram 32 bit





  • IronFly
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    so you are factory restoring to windows XP?


    try this if you have a keyboard language selection:

    press Shift+F10 at language/keyboard screen options, to enter Command prompt.
    once in command prompt type
    then on diskpart type
    list disk
    take note of the correct disk ID to erase
    select disk x
    (x is the ID of your HDD to erase)
    clean all
    type exit


    be very patient, it will take hours to end

    then proceed to windows installation

    I'm not an Acer employee.
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    G'day Ironfly

    Thanks so much for getting back to me!

    According to Computer Management console I have 1 disk (disk 0) with 3 partitions (PQSERVICE, ACER C: and E: which I created)

    When following your instructions I got to DISKPART>clean all and it said-

    'The selected disk is necessary for the operation of your computer, and may not be able to be cleaned.'


    Should'nt I be erasing or deleting the disk instead?



    Bel Smiley Happy

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    if you did the diskpart command from the recovery CD, normally diskpart will let you erase completly your HDD.


    or you can use a third party tool like gparted:



    I'm not an Acer employee.