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Left hinge broken - broken screen/laptop not working

Hi there - I have an Aspire V5 touchscreen - when I went to close the lid, the screen cracked and I spotted that the left hinge has come apart (risen and cracked the screen). Now the laptop wont work (touch screen is flashing, mouse doesnt work - exactly the same issue as the other posts on this forum). I see on this forum and google search that this is fairly common with Acer laptops (going back to 2010) and wondering why this wasnt fixed.


Has there been a recall on this, does anyone know?  I see from a google search that HP fixed a design flaw on their laptops to stop this from happening once it was reported, several years ago (2008) (I wish I had known about this problem before I purchased). If you google that you'll get the information. 

I've only had my laptop a couple of years. I take excellent care of my laptops, and never had this issue. (I dont travel with it, and dont close the lid often - it sits stationary on my desk and is only 2 years old).  


I've sent emails out to my friends working in technology this afternoon - and so far no one has ever had this issue although no one has Acer.  Its a huge inconvenience as I use this laptop for work.  So I'm just waiting to hear back from Acer.

Any suggestions on getting this fixed or replaced asap?

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