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I have an Acer Aspire E 15 I just bought in October. After about a month, I started noticing internet issues. My wifi is connected, but when I try to use the internet, it is either extremely slow or sometimes tells me I'm not connected when I am. I've updated my drivers and reset my computer twice. It seems like the issue is worse now. I can't even use my internet connected with my ethernet. I did a speed test and it said my computer was fast when I was plugged in; however, I still could not use the internet. I am certain that it is the computer and not my internet. My other laptop, tablets, and phone work fast with my wifi connection. I am so disappointed in my purchase. This is my first Acer laptop and I was hoping there is something I'm missing before I send it away to have it fixed since it is still under warranty. Has anyone else had this type of issue with their laptop and was there anything you did to fix it? I can't go on the internet and download anything because it will stop responding after a second and sites never fully load. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Sounds more like spamware slowing it down. If Speedtest shows ok hardware fine and suspect software troubles. You state issue seems to be both on wifi and Ethernet so again points to software bloat. Would be good to run several scans, maybe try anti malware scans (several decent free/trial versions out there). Then say backup key files and do a clean restore to day 1 and see if issue remains. Can also test on different network to see if it's your home network that is not playing nice with your system. 

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    I've done multiple scans with McAfee and Windows Defender and nothing came up. There is no backup date to restore. I was only able to reset and that didn't help. The speed test is showing slow when using wifi only on this computer. When I hook the laptop up with Ethernet cable it says it's fast. However, the internet still runs slow. I need a solution that doesn't involve downloading or installing something because it will take forever just to load the page. It's really frustrating to have a new laptop I can barely use and want to throw it across the room.