constant high peak on the Disk coulnm int the task manger on laptop aspire v3-571

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hello , recently my computer start to work very slow , after a quick search i found out that the disk at the task manger is almost all the time between 90-99 % .

i dont know if that is the right fourm for that , but i asuum that the problem as a relation to windows 10 update.




i uninstall the latest windows upgrade and the one before him (kb3150513) , but it didnt solve the problem ,

it just got it worst , now its stuck almost all the time on 100%.



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  • brummyfan2brummyfan2 ACE Posts: 26,728 Trailblazer


    Go to settings, System and click Notifications and actions, switch off "Get tips, suggestions as you use Windows". HTH.


  • michaelcomichaelco Member Posts: 7

    thanx alot!

    it did work for a while but now the same problem is back.

    i did find out that the same window update was install two days ago , and i uninstelled it, but the problem didnt go away.

    the processes that consume most of the capacity is " service host : local system" , "system" and "windows moduls installer worker".

    how can i fix it ?


    and for other subject - can you please tell me what is the recommendation limits for the virtual memory?

    thanx alot

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