New Acer v 15 with i7 7700hq hitting temps of 90c +

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My CPU is getting way too hot playing games that really shouldn't be pushing it too bad.  Anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences?  I'm starting to wish I'd picked up the i5 instead.  


  • Nirvash
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    What games are you testing ? and, do yu have the Geforce 1050 or 1050ti installed ?
    I think we could help you in a better way if you tell us more about that kind of things, because, for example, isn't the same scenario play Rocket League or Battlefield 1.

  • MelissaM1212
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    My v15 Nitro gets hot, too, even when playing games that aren't that intensive.  (i.e. Life is Strange.)  I've noticed the keyboard gets a little warm, and the metal part about the keyboard gets quite hot.


    Did you talk to Acer about it?