Aspire 5749 - CPU upgrade?

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So i want to upgrade my laptop's cpu but dont know what cpu's i can actualy instal on my laptop. And also can i upgrade my ram to 8gb?

Pc specs in atachment.


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    Install CPU-z and find out the Package of your CPU(Picture), if it says rPGA988, it's fine but if you see FCBGA, you can not upgrade, find out the chipset as well in motherboard tab, recommended CPUs for your model are i3-2310m, i3-2330m and i3-2350m but if you want to try upgrading to a higher CPU, you must do it at your own risk. Yes, memory can be upgraded up to 8GB.

    You can upgrade up to i7-2640m, which has similar specs as your current CPU, I would suggest you to avoid 45W TDP and above.,53464


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    Upgraded my ACER 5479 with newer CPU: Intel Core i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz to Intel Core i7-2640M @2.80 GHz with no problems. 

    1. Order air can to clean the inside of the laptop housing and the cooling fan.
    2. Order CPU paste.
    3. Order a new 3V BIOS battery CR 2032 if necessary. They hold for about 6-10 years.
    4. Order the new CPU.
    5. Open the backside of the laptop. Two set of screws are used; separate them.
    6. Disconnect the cooling fan power wires.
    7. Disconnect the CPU copper cooling arm.
    8. Clean both, the surface of the cooling arm, the top of the CPU and clean the cooling fan with the air can. Change the 3V battery.
    9. On the CPU socket is a lock to hold the CPU pins in place. Turn it 180 deg. to unlock the CPU.
    10. Take the old CPU out.
    11. Put the new CPU in place.
    12. Apply the CPU-paste.
    13. Reassemble the cooling fan and the laptop casing.

    That's it. No BIOS or CPU driver update is necessary. Just drop it in. Twice the speed to original configuration. Snappy.

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    Get CPUID and look at the specs of your cpu in its CPU section and find out your OEM cpu and then go to CPU-Upgrade and insert your OEM cpu model number into "Search for CPU" and find out the specs and upgradability % at the section of "Upgrade Chance %’s" of your OEM cpu, for the Aspire 5745 don’t go below 80% "Upgrade Chance".

    Also and btw, I speak from personal experience with an Aspire 5750 that I upgraded its cpu from its OEM i5-2410M to the i5-2540M which was the quickest and the best upgrade that was even quicker and more responsive than the i7-2720QM due to its chipset compatibility to this i5 cpu. Also. I updated the memory to 8GB at 2x DDR#-1600MHz that gives it "Dual Channel" and put an SSD 2.5" 6GB/sec SATA and upgraded its 2.4G WiFi only card to the “Qualcomm Atheros WiFi/BT AR9462 2.4-5GHz +BT 4.0 card (follow the link for WiFi and BT drivers I provided) that made the Aspire 5750 a very quick and workable platform with the latest Win-10 version. You can make your Aspire 5749 a very efficient and workable platform by just upgrading at a cheap cost to the above specs, its not a world beater but just a nice and efficient platform for general computing, web and some older games platforms. 

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    As for the Atheros AR9462, there are two antenna connections. One says 1, the other 2. Which one is for BT/WiFi? And did you install a BT antenna?
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    Actually I believe one is for 2.4GHz and the other for 5GHz, Bluetooth and WiFi share the same antenna since they are using the same frequencies.
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