Installing a new videocard in my Aspire TC-780-AMZKi5

I plug in the card and boot up with my monitor still plugged into the on-board graphics.  The system isn't sending video out either way, on-board graphics or the card.  I know the card works, i just pulled it out of my old pc.  It is UEFI compatable, as others have mentioned it should be.  Please help , i need this system up and going asap.  Thanks.  

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  • tonyg4242tonyg4242 Member Posts: 6

    Update:  So the only video out i am able to get is via the VGA input.  When i plug in an HDMI cord, nothing.  Why can't i get it even to detect the second display?  i cannot get to the Bios option to change the graphics from on board to a card, the option is greyed out.  Any suggestions please??

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