Aspire ATC-710-UR61 I am trying to add a GPU for multi-display - adding GPU ISSUE

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I am trying to add a GPU for multi-display.  I am testing with Ati HD5450 512MB for now and planning to get GTX 1050 later.  However, every time I put the card in, all display outputs become blank (black screen).   Even the previous onboard ones are blank.  I rebooted many times.  Once I remove the GPU, onboard operates as normal.  I have flashed my bios to the lastest R01.B1.   Is there a way to get it working?  Is my video card too old?



ATC-710-UR61, Windows10


16GB Ram

M.2 250GB Sandisk

2TB Seagate SATA3

500W PSU

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    this is amazing how the acer staff has no clue on their products !!

  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 26,956 Trailblazer

    Acer doesn't have any staff monitoring this community support board, other than the moderators. They are here to deal with things like spammers and the thread title edit you see above, not for technical support.

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