acer predator GX, trackpad buttons in ubuntu 16.04 (left button is working as middle button)

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I bought Acer Predator 17" (GX-792) the deep learning research purpose, and I installed Ubuntu 16.04 as dual booting.


I think everything works well, except trackpad. There are two buttons in the trackpad, which should be supposed to work as `primary`(left) and `secondary`(right) button.


However, when I tested in the system mouse testing menu, I found that OS recognizes the left button as `secondary` and the right button as `middle`. How can I fix this? Could anyone please help?


* For information, I tested with external USB mouse, and it works well.


  • brianro3
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    I just got the predator 15, and the command:


    xinput set-button-map "SYNA7B99:00 06CB:7B99 Touchpad" 1 3 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


    worked for me

    if your touchpad is called something different than "SYNA7B99:00 06CB:7B99 Touchpad" you can find it with the command: xinput -list


    good luck!

  • abernathi
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    I've recently purchased an Acer Predator GX-792-77BL laptop and am interested in getting it to dual boot Windows 10 / Ubuntu 16. Could you tell me how you went about installing the Ubuntu 16 on your system (or what specific guide you used to do so)? I've tried countless guides and still have not come up with a solution that works (aside from live booting from USB Ubuntu, which isn't saying much...).