Can't install Ubuntu Linux on Acer Aspire E5-553G-T3NF laptop.

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I can't install Ubuntu Linux on the Acer Aspire E5-553G laptop.  I've tried setting my BIOS to Legacy mode, UEFI mode with secure boot enabled and secure boot disabled.


Miscellaniously I've also tried disabling and enabling other settings in the BIOS too. 


- Network boot enabled and disabled, 

- Lid Open resume enabled and disabled,

- D2D recovery enabled and disabled,

- Touchpad on basic and advanced,


- TPM state enabled and disabled.


I've tried upgrading the BIOS and downgrading the BIOS.


I've also tried LTE Ubuntu and the new Ubuntu.


I've also tried installing it from DVD and USB drive.



Despite changing everything in my BIOS there was to change I still can't get past the loading screen on the installation.  It freezes when the Ubuntu logo shows with moving dots (the dots stop moving and the laptop's noise dies down).




How can I install Ubuntu on this laptop?




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    I have same problem. I also tried upgrading BIOS to the new version.
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    You make it seem hard, it's not really. Issue is uefi bios and dealing with it backwards. Leave secure boot mode on, no fancy changes just add passwords for submenu access. Install say via USB stick using defaults. Once done back too that bios and add the Linux files for boot up to the allowed table by using the advance sub menu and browsing to the install location. If I recall was 3 files with rather obvious names. Once done default boot is Win10 and Linux accessed via f12 and select the linux boot file. This preference can be changed in bios. Thing is, once you get those files on list works fine. I found it when installing mint and issues with Acer and uefi bios on a google search. 

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    I installed Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 in doual boot; but it seems newer kernels have problems with my 553G-F9VL. I cannot install Ubuntu 16.10 or 17.04.
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    Can't install Ubuntu 16.04 and 17.04 in my acer Aspire E15   E5-553G-T9VU , help me what can I do. How can I install Ubuntu on this laptop? 
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    Linux Mint works brilliantly on this machine. Install it from a thumb drive THEN you need to go into your uefi/bios and you have to change the settings (they are there, just hunt) so that it ALLOWS booting using GRUB. Forget all of that garbage about sda you read about elsewhere. Even if you run a “GRUB fixer” app, it’s no bueno. Ya gots ta do it in the UEFI settings. Fixes everything.