Model AspireZ5801 with a cracked screen

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Hi, I have a an aspire all in one desktop pc, with a cracked screen, the waranty has expired. The Windows 10pro installed on it working fine and it seems all the components are working fine, except the screen seems to be affecting the response time when I hit the touchscreen for any command i type or even when i use my mouse and keybord. The system is also not insured, but i don't want or i can't afford to spend any money on it for repairing the screen, but i want to know how to fully get the most out of it in the current state it is, like for instance, what is the possibility;

1. to ignores the cracked screen and use the system with my hd tv screen as a monitor

2. Which parts in the system can i utilized in another unused pc

3. Will the system working properly if there is a posibility to disable only the tough mode in the system and operate it with only a mouse and keybord

Can anyone advise me what will be the best for me to get the most out of my damaged pc, any advise will be highly appreciated.

Thank you


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