"Preparing Automatic Repair" "Diagnosing your PC" Infinite Loop (Windows 8) V3-571G-9686 ACER ASPIRE

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Well basically I haven't touched my laptop for the entire day, and when I came back to it it starts up and goes to its usual window of "acer explore beyond limits" and its little loading dots. But then it takes me to this light blue screen for a second which states. Something about my laptop having a hard time starting up and that it will begin a repair. So then it returns to the start up screen with preparing automatic repair and loads for a good moment before turning black with the lights still on. I have no idea what to do and I've looked on sites but I have no idea what computer language they are speaking. :/ help! Its an acer aspire ES1-711


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    This just started on my Acer Switch 10 as well. I was watching a football game on Amazon Prime Video last night. The computer froze once (first ever), so I hard reset. About 30 minutes later it froze again. Hard reset again and whammo!-- boot now loops between Preparing Automatic Repair and Diagnosing... eventually dumping me into the blue Repair screen where none of the options (short of the nuclear "wipe") option helps.

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    Any answers?   Same boat...