How to Reset UEFI Password for Aspire SW5-014

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Hi there. While trying to investigate how to boot from a USB device with my Aspire SW5-014, I encountered the claim that this could be done by entering the UEFI, setting an admin password and then simply changing the secure boot option. Having set a password (though I saw no confirmation field), the secure boot remained locked off from changes. A few weeks later I entered the UEFI to remove the password I had left, and found it would not work. Weirdly, the password prompt for UEFI access even shows less character asterisks than the length of the pass I remember setting. Does anyone know if there is any way to reset the UEFI pass from outside the bios? I have had it suggested to me by one IT shop that it might be possible given a backdoor passphrase which some manufacturer's build into their bios configurations. Any help appreciated.