Aspire F5-573G drivers for windows 7

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i just bought a Acer Aspire F 15 laptop F5-573G-57CZ but i dont want to use windows10 so i install windows 7 but i'm afraid i can't find any Windows7 Drivers.

i already look at Product support and they only have windows10.

Please help me to have what i need.

BTW after i reformat the laptop to windows7 i can't use any USB ports i mean i cant use USB and just download some test drivers and burn to disc which is not good idea and a bit costly.

please if anyone knows what and where to download the drivers and the names of drivers.
please help. thanks In advance.


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    First I got to say it, why oh why do people who purchase the latest tech expect to run a obsolete operating system...sigh. While what your attempting can be done it will be mixed performance at best. A good portion of the hardware is just not really compatible for proper Win7 operation. This said, by forcing windows to use drivers it says are wrong you should get it working. Manually install them. Which? Well that's the trick. Trial and error. Some of it is in Bios. I doubt advanced tap and drag on touchpad is supported in Win7 so select basic mode. The chipset will be the hardest part. The recent cpu's from Intel kabylake have no real win 7/8 drivers. Part of reason your USB ports not working. Chipset determines the rest, talks to pci bus allowing USB to talk to CPU. So find a working chipset driver, go from there.


    While I can not tell you what to do I suggest using a few addons to give Win10 a Win7 feel. Myself, I did not want to switch to 10 but it has grown on me some. Still fights me on a few things but after a few months I won't be going back besides the support for things like m2 ssd drives, USB 3.0/3.1 , advanced touchpad features, Xbox cross platform play and the search interface I've grown to like too much to give up. Wish you luck on your rollback to Win7 but as I mentioned, it is not supported so you got to wing it.

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