Switch 11V SW5-173 keyboard dock issue

siki133siki133 Member Posts: 2
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So I've been using my switch for a while, and its been mostly a plesant experience. Unfortunately, after some "magical" driver update that shouldnt even happen, keyboard went dead, or at least the firmware for the dock has been altered.


What happened was a Synaptic driver update, which it seems, wiped/replaced either the dock firware or sensor hub firmware (ITE). Either way, when connected, dock simply refuses to work, and it seems rotation sensor doesnt work either. Its recognized, but just doesnt work, which makes me think its the firmware. Its not windows issue, I've had my shares of reinstalls in the meantime.


Its not a huge deal, I've been using my Switch like this for months now, but would be nice to get the functionality back again. Anyone knows/has link/can provide sensorhub firmware/dock firmware for the switch?

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  • Mister_GackMister_Gack Member Posts: 4
    Are you sure it's a firmware issue? I assume you've rolled back drivers for the device, or having said reinstalls you mean you've reinstalled Windows since without success? Having inspected the keyboard in Device Manager (for an Acer SW5-014, but similar) I see the drivers are kbdclass.sys and kbdhid.sys in system32/drivers.
  • siki133siki133 Member Posts: 2

    those are default drivers, should be there no matter what. this doesnt affect dock recognition, which is completely different issue. anyways, i'm hoping its the firmware that got wiped, cause then it means that synaptic driver fried the ITE sensor chip, in which case, well RIP.

  • Mister_GackMister_Gack Member Posts: 4
    Perhaps you should contact Synaptics. Having a driver package destroy firmware is appalling.
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