Install Ubuntu 16.04 via USB on Revo M1601

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so i got me a blank revo m1-106 (with freedos on it) and now im trying to put the current ubuntu version on it - but i fail because my usb stick isnt recognized as a boot device. Here is what i did and tried to far:


- Ive made a live stick of the ubuntu iso usig two different live-tools, LiLi and Rufus.

- Ive tried both GPT and MBS partition schemes.

- ive tested the resulting stick on other computers where its accepted as a boot device without problems.

- ive played in the BIOS-settings of the revo trying all combinations of boot orders under UEFI and Legacy.


The revo refuses to recognize the live-stick as a boot device no matter what i do. Plz tell me what im doing wrong or what else i should try.


Thanks in advance.





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    - I have tried turning on and off the secure boot mode in UEFI. Still nothing ...