My Acer switch 10 is getting heated up near the Power i/p jack and won't start up

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Hi all,

Till recentlz mz Acer switch 10 was working good. I worked for long my be about 10-12 hours continuosly (power cable plugged in). Then suddenly the laptop screen was black. Power button was showing blue untill then. I tried all the options like pressing power button + volume up buttons for 30 - 60 seconds.. also other way out power + volume down button for 30-60 seconds. Nothing worked. At this time the portion near the cpu (where the power I/P jack is) was hot. I removed the power cable and left the laptop overnight. Morning when it cooled down I connected the power cable again but there was no light at all in the power button. I went through google where some1 suggested removing the baterry and reconnecting. I opened the back cover carefully. without disturbing any other cables, wires I slowly removed the wire connecting the battery to the laptop other parts and reconnected it. I plugged in the power cable thereafter. this time I could see the red light in the power button. But the heating near the cpu (where I plugged in the power cabler in the laptop) started again. Is it normal. I tried the power button + volume up / volume down buttons alternately for 30-60 seconds. It stil didn't start. Has any1 any suggestion. Any solution