Acer C710 useful life?

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i had a few episodes of recovery issues - "Parrot-Wren no bootable disc" - &  then recovery from USB  "an unexpected error occured"  took many attempts over a few weeks.  it's back up now, but for how long?  Someone suggests i reset the SSD or failing that, replace the SSD.  Will a new SSD buy a few more years?   At over three years old, if it crashes again, is it worth money & effort?  I am not willing to spend >$50, going on four years old.  Instead, just buy a new one.

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  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 26,990 Trailblazer

    Sounds as if the drive is going into a failure mode. They usually last longer than three years though, but not always. I suspect a replacement drive will push that $50 limit. It uses a standard notebook drive, I don't think any of the C710s had an SSD standard anyway. If you shop wisely you could probably find an equivalent 320GB 2.5" drive refurbished for $30-40 which keeps you under your limit, but an SSD is going to be closer to $80 for a slightly smaller 256GB.

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