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What is the Acer Community Expert (ACE) Program?

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Acer ACEs


Acer believes expert members who regularly contribute quality content, are friendly and helpful to others, and serve as leaders in the community deserve special recognition.  Ensuring that these top contributing members are acknowledged and commended for their efforts is what the ACE program is all about.


Members of the program receive a special icon next to their username to proudly display on their posts and profile page to let everyone know they're an ACE.  There are three levels that a program member can achieve based on their level of contribution:


1star_bottom_iconpng = Pioneer ranking where all new ACE Members start.


2star_bottom_iconpng = Pathfinder ranking is earned through consistent dedication and quality contributions to the Community.


3star_bottom_iconpng = Trailblazer ranking.  Only the best and most dedicated earn these top honors.


How do I become an ACE?

If you are reading this, you are already on your way!  Join the Acer Community and start helping others, that's how all ACEs started.  Keep in mind, the ACEs are our most passionate, knowledgeable and valued contributors.  To become one, you'll need to meet some basic criteria:

  1. Contribute consistently: Visit and participate on a frequent basis
  2. Be helpful: Set a model of excellence in the community through your interactions with others
  3. Provide solutions: You don’t have to be a tech guru to be an ACE.  However, ACEs must be able to help others resolve problems by providing insightful content and solutions.

How are the ACEs selected?

  1. Members are selected by the Acer Community Team on an invite-only basis.  You cannot “rank-up” into the program.  We monitor the contributions of all members and carefully consider a broad range of factors including those in the above criteria.  New inductees will receive a private invitation to join the program from a member of the community team.
  2. Community members can nominate top contributors to become an ACE.  Simply send your nominations via private messenger to a member of the community team.

Do I get anything if I'm selected as an Acer ACE?

Yes!  As an ACE, you'll get a special badge that you can display with your forum rank.  You will gain access to private segments of the Acer Community and you may also receive occasional non-cash awards from Acer to thank you for your participation.


One last thing!  All ACE members gain special access to Acer's best new products!  Thats right.  The Acer Product Evaluation Program (APEP) allows ACE Members to voluntarily evaluate great new Acer products in the comfort of their own home at absolutely no cost to them.  What could be better!  APEP is just another benefit of becoming an ACE team member.  


Get started today and chances are good you can be a part of this exclusive team!


Who are the ACEs?


ACE Pioneer Rank

ACE Pathfinder Rank

ACE Trailblazer Rank


  • tech1126tech1126 Posts: 60Member Troubleshooter

    Hi there i want to take this opportunity to bring some light to an Ace trailblazer and his name is Ace IronFly.

    This gentleman has helped me with problems on my Aspire desktop and has never guided me in the wrong direction.His advice is always right on target and i am elated that this caliber of a person can be found right here in the Acer community.I feel it's important to recognize member's contributions so others(like myself)can learn from them.

    So thank you for listening and i trust this email will find it's rightful home!




  • krisg80krisg80 Posts: 2Member

    wow! sounds really exciting, so glad and honored to have the oportunity to be a part of this awesome community. Thanks!!!!

  • apisit_nikomapisit_nikom Posts: 1Member


  • ZielNazarethZielNazareth Posts: 9Member


    Goin' to get there soon  =) =)
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