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where can I get a windows 7 boot disk

don300don300 Posts: 1Member

I have n Acer 5742-6639  windows 7 laptop and have lost my recovery disk.  Where can I get another one /or how can I reboot my computer.  I have another laptop with windows 7 (5542-1615) and tried to use the recovery disk from this computer but it did not work.  Can Acer supply another disk if I provide the serial #. 



  • mrdolbymrdolby Posts: 26Member



    so i go to the site and can i find anywhere that tells me how i get a recovery disk...nope just lots of pages on warranties and pretty coloured mice and lots of accessories for a laptop that doesnt work and needs a recovery disk...


    Do i have to phone up and speak to a human being.


    Just one button, one shiny button marked "Recovery disks", would be nice please.........

  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist

    Did you click on eRecovery on the top gray line?

  • mrdolbymrdolby Posts: 26Member

    are we on the same page >>??


    im at store.acer.com


    where are you, i dont see a grey line

  • mrdolbymrdolby Posts: 26Member

    gone to find the correct link i think....

  • mrdolbymrdolby Posts: 26Member

    bump for Acer Tommy


    can you tell me the answer please i really need the disk for a 5542.

  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist

    Maybe a visual will help ...



  • mrdolbymrdolby Posts: 26Member

    no that didnt help, i dont know what URL you are using mate, but if i click the link i goto the UK acer site, that doesnt have that frontpage and if i drop the list of countries the states arent on it


    id post a picture myself but i cant be bothered sorting one out.


    maybe tomorrow, in the meantime, see if the UK version of the acerstore here




    has the link buried in it



  • mrdolbymrdolby Posts: 26Member

    hang on heres the front page


    uk pic

  • mrdolbymrdolby Posts: 26Member



    it auto redirects you to the country you live in, if however you are quick enough, and im talking about 0.5 seconds, you can scroll down to the USA link and click it...



  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist

    Unfortunately, if you live in the UK, you wont be able to order from the United States site.


    If it is unavailable on your country specific store, there is not anything I'm going to be able to help with.

  • mrdolbymrdolby Posts: 26Member

    well thats a cop out isnt it....


    I know it aint your fault, you have been helpful after all, but how can acer call themselves a world wide leader in technology when they cant and wont help someone who isnt in the states.



    Mind you when i entered the numbers in the box it told me a RCD wasnt available so sucks to be me.



    keep this post around just in case some other peep from the Uk comes looking for a RCD.

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