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Wifi issues with Windows 8

FactoryrsvrFactoryrsvr Posts: 1Member

Hi all,


Just upgraded a brand new Aspire v5-571 to window 8 and now cannot access my wireless network. I have downloaded the driver from the acer support page and Windows 8 is saying it already has the latest driver. Any advice on how to get my laptop back onto my wireless network? (The network is working fine with all other devices in the house which are either running Windows 7, apple, blackberyy etc)






  • slickers111slickers111 Posts: 3Member

    Does it say its connected to the internet with no internet acess?

  • farkingdomfarkingdom Posts: 13Member

    im having limited connectivity on my Brand New iconia w700 tablet too Smiley Sad


  • dracoredracore Posts: 5Member

    I have been running into this problem too!  AURGH

    Read another post in this message board about re-installing drivers.  Tried that and reinstalled the Oct-2012 drivers... no luck.  I just finished downloading the Win 8 Atheros drivers and installed that.  I am still getting intermittent Limited access on my wireless.



    Anyone figure out a working solution??

    I am also on Aspire V5 running Windows 8


    EDIT: Seems like I am not getting the Limited connectivity as much at the moment with 217.  Will keep doing more tests tonight.


  • turtlebean87turtlebean87 Posts: 2Member

    ok i found the solution on a different topic but you guys just have to uninstall the wireless drivers and install the windows 7 64 bit version, peace .

  • dracoredracore Posts: 5Member

    OK I think I found a working solution.  Install the latest Atheros Wifi drivers ( for Windows 8 and reboot.  Then modify your Wifi adapter properties and turn off "Allow Windows to power down device...."


    So far my Wifi has been stable for the past hour or so


    EDIT: I spoke too soon.  Wifi died again.  Will try install Windows 7 drivers instead.



  • taiwilliams119taiwilliams119 Posts: 8Member



    I did a PC refresh and after doing this a couple times to see the issue, I have finally pinpointed where the culprit lies.


    After playing around with my router, uninstalling my anti virus and everything else in between, I found out that the QCA Wifi Driver and the Atheros Blue Tooth Driver are the drivers that have the conflict. In other words, these two drivers are the ones that are making the connection 'limited'.

    Everytime I reinstalled these after my PC refresh my computer internet connection became 'limited'. However, after my 3rd PC refresh I decided not to reinstall these drivers. Because of this decision I have had no further issues whatsoever with my internet connection dropping or becoming 'limited' at all. Furthermore, as soon as I boot my computer, the internet is connected, whereas before, with these drivers installed, this was not happening at all.

    Clearly, there is a massive issue with these drivers. I had to - as computer illiterate that I am -  figure this out for myself.

    In conclusion, I will not be installing any new drivers for my Windows 8 Acer Aspire V3-771, until I get official confirmation from an Acer technician regarding these issues. Clearly there is some major problem as after days of research, I see that so many folk who have Windows 8 are the ones who are suffering from this major malfunction; I'm not sure if it is affecting any other models of Acers laptops/PCs, I just know, from what I had to learn that a lot of folk are having these issues.  And that is not a good thing at all for the brand name of Acer.

  • ridercrewridercrew Posts: 3Member

    Acer Aspire V3-771-6833


    I've had this laptop for roughly 2 full days. I had a lot of connection issues right off the bat. After 2 days of troubleshooting I found why I was having so many wifi drops and limited connection. I installed Kaspersky Pure 2.0 as my virus protection. Found some info on their website saying that Pure 2.0 was "Partially" compatible with Windows 8. After installing it my Acer was working perfect. Until there is a permanent fix I'll use another program.

  • thineshthinesh Posts: 1Member

    my laptop acer aspire v3 471g ..window 8 also limited internet acess...can anybody help me..please

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