AX3950 Ram upgrade slot order

Looking to add some extra Ram to the board but its confusing not least because of the colours on the slot retainers.


The board has four slots all are black but 2 adjacent ones have white retaining clips and the other 2 black.  


Current set up


CPU   Dimm 4                 Dimm 3                Dimm 2           Dimm 1
         white clip             white clip             black clip        black clip

         2gb                       empty                   1gb                empty


I have another strip of matching 2gb Ram the big question is which slot do I put it in ?


I cant find a motherboard manual anywhere.


I am leaning towards removing the 1gb strip from Dimm 2 and adding the 2gb strip to Dimm 3 then resetting the CMOS. To get balanced dual.


But I have seen pictures of this board with blue and black slots alternating and black slots with the white clips alternating!  


Can some one point me towards the motherboard MB.SE509.001 manual or better still offer some advice on the ram upgrade route, I might - for example - want to try leaving the 1gb strip in Dimm 3 and later adding another 1gb to Dimm 4


Many thanks



FAQ & Answers

  • Hi,

    Yes, I agree with you, take out the 1GB and replace it with 2GB in Dimm 2 and put the 1GB in either Dimm1 or Dimm3, when you get the other 1GB latter on install it  in whichever slot empty. There's not much difference between dual channel setup and single channel setup. 

  • ianfromnottsianfromnotts Member Posts: 3

    Sorry just looked at the board more closely and the slots are not numbered as I first thought correct numbering is below does this make any difference ?  



    CPU   Dimm 4                 Dimm 2               Dimm 3 (4/5)       Dimm 1
             white clip             white clip             black clip            black clip

             2gb                       empty                   1gb                    empty


    just add 2gb to Dimm 2 then add extra strip of 1gb to Dimm 1 at a later stage ?


    or replace 1gb in Dimm 3 with 2gb then put back into Dimm 1 or 2 ? 

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the late reply, you can try any combination as your total RAM increases system will be snappier.

  • ianfromnottsianfromnotts Member Posts: 3

    Many thanks


    In the end I took the 1gb stick out and replaced it with a 2gb stick.  shows in CPU-Z as slots 1 and 3 balanced symetrical.  I also found on another site that balanced symetrical also works on this board (intel) with ram of differing sizes so the old 1gb stick was working in this way too.


    Before it showed as 3gb Ram now as 4gb Ram with 2.93gb available.  The on board graphics taking the rest. 


    I did try with the extra stick in place but I had changed the operating system at some point to 32bit so the extra ram didnt show. 


    I have found another 2gb stick so I will when i get round to it, put this and the old 1gb stick back in and re-install the 64bit system. 


    It seems pretty quick as is but I am thinking it could go even better with not much effort

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