Projector k135i 3D capabilty wont start

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I have purchased ACER K135i Projector and cannot start the 3D capabilities. On the menu I can switch off and on the 3D warning but it will not move up to switch on the 3D ability. I have connected a playstation which also say it did not get the right reply back so also will not play the 3D disc. Even when i connect a 3D capable Blue ray player still I have the same issue. I also bought new HDMI cable specially designed for 3D connection. I also bought the original ACER 3D glasses. What else can I try to get it to work?


  • JIMwadd
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    Can anyone answer me or help me? many views but no answer!!!

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    I"m not sure, if it is useful, but you could try this manual -

  • JIMwadd
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    I followed the manual to the letter. Unfortunately it does not move to the 3D mode. only about the warning in 3D i can switch on and off Smiley Sad.

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    I've got the same issue ! Mine is a P5201 projector, the field to activate 3D is gray and I found no way to activate it.
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    So I just found out that if the input is under 60Hz, the 3D won't start. I reconfigured my Apple TV 4K to 60Hz and voila, it worked. Hope this helps after so many years :)