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Android 7.0 on Acer Liquid Zest Plus :)

TheSprunkGTA97TheSprunkGTA97 Posts: 18Member New User
edited January 2018 in Acer Ideas
Hello Smiley Happy we would like to have latest android version on our acer liquid zest plus Smiley Very Happy


  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    I use the Zest Plus phone myself, Sprunk.  I love that thing.  I have done some checking around here but I don't yet have a good answer on OS update plans for this phone.  It is running Android 6 today but it isn't yet certain if Android 7 will be provided for this model.  Let's keep our fingers crossed and when I get a better answer I'll post here again.  Thanks for asking.

  • ronchronch Posts: 14Member


    While having an update to Android 7.0 would be nice I think that would be too much to ask for a phone that isn't high end. Would be a pleasant surprise if Acer did it though. Nonetheless I'm happy with Android 6.0 and it's a very solid Android version. Android certainly has come a very very long way and it's simply very polished in Marshmallow.
  • bsivtreuhandbsivtreuhand Posts: 1Member New User
    I have an Acer Liquid Zest plus (T08) currently running on android 6. How can I update my mobile phone on android 7 or 8? Can somebody help me?
  • JanCarlo2003JanCarlo2003 Posts: 1Member New User
    Please Help me i have my acer liquid zest plus when i updated it and when installing the update it says " Updates Failed" pls... help me guys
  • natewunatewu Posts: 21Member Troubleshooter
    Please make this update a reality acer :D I really want android 7 on my t08!
  • jbpjbp Posts: 6Member New User
    If we can not have Android 7, can we have the latest version (patch) for Android 6.   Patch was released on 5 January 2018. I'm in Canada, and my latest update on my phnoe is still Dec 2016.   Current date is 2018-08-13.    Automatic Update do NOT work.   Any clue where I can download the patch and apply in manual update mode ( if the automatic update do not work )    Thank 
  • ArcZeroRedArcZeroRed Posts: 30Member Enthusiast
    edited October 2018
    I have a acer liquid zest plus and when do a network scan I got huaqin telecom technology ? is this a a scammer phone I got it from ebay for $89
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