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TC-780 BIOS Kaby Lake CPU

mikletmiklet Posts: 33Member Enthusiast

ATC-780-AMZi5 i5 SkyLake 

Will there be  BIOS update too allow installing a Kaby Lake i5 CPU ?

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  • Acer-MaryAcer-Mary Posts: 871Acer Crew Acer Crew
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    We haven't heard of any upcoming updates that include a BIOS update supporting a Kaby Lake i5 processor. We would suggest watching for any updates posted on our download site at https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers.

  • mikletmiklet Posts: 33Member Enthusiast

    Appreciate the information.


    It is understandable, if Acer, never updates the BIOS to take advantage of the Kaby Lake speeds.

    We users would not see all the Kaby Lake benefits, because our MOBO's would not have the series 200 chip sets.


    thank you


  • Joseph0900Joseph0900 Posts: 20Member


    Hi.  I am confused.    My new Aspire TC-780A says it has an Intel Core i5-7400 Processor 3.0GHz.


    The 7th generation has Kaby lake, no?     So the motherboard BIOS on the TC-780A does NOT support this feature?

  • mikletmiklet Posts: 33Member Enthusiast

    It is my understanding that the motherboard has BIOS that allows some Kaby Lake features. The speed is one of those features. The key is the motherboard chip set. If the board has H110x chip set, then few Kaby Lake features are there. Things like Optum drive and other hardware management things. If a mother board has the 200 series chip set, like Z270 or 250. I think there are four Kaby Lake 200 series chip sets now. Well, this kind of motherboard + chip set gives the user access to all new features.


    I am an amateur. Do more research.

  • Joseph0900Joseph0900 Posts: 20Member


    Thank you Miklet.


    Yes I am new to this CPU/motherboard chip set.


    I did do some research and found that the TC-780 is probably not using the Kaby Lake features to it's fullests and here is why.    If you go to:



    And run the benchmark on your TC-780, the report will show the video being at the very bottom of comporable bench marks, like in the 8% range which is horrible.   This tells me that yes Kaby Lake features are NOT being used by this computer.     Maybe a BIOS update but if the motherboard does not supported it, BIOS update is a moot point.


    Would be great if ACER would shed some light here.

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